Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The New Year 2013 Has Come!

In 2012..

How many sins I have done?
How many prayers I have left?
How many times I went to the mosque?
How little I thanked to Allah?
How I have helped the needy?

In 2013..

How many good deeds I will do?
How many prayers would I do?
How many times I will go to the mosque?
How much I will thank Allah?
How much I will help the needy?


I was flashed back my stories in 2012. Am I the only one who find it scary how fast the time fly? It feels like New year was few months ago and less in a month it is 2013. Hm, anyway, let's start a new chapter, a new beginning and a new hope. May Allah bless us and fill our life with happiness, full of success and hopefully lead us to becoming a better Muslim. May this year also brings us more barakah and rahmat from Allah SWT. Ameen, ya Rabb! Insyaallah! ^^

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