Saturday, 29 December 2012

Chicken Slaughter in Islamic Way


According to 'Kepimpinan Islam' subject on this semester, my classmates and I are required to slaughtering a chicken. That was my first time slaughtering Allah's creature with my own two hands. Insyaallah, I'm convinced that I can do it well. My friend, Izzah said "U can do it, Akma! Be confident!". Okay then, I'll take it easy. Just relax. But deep in my heart, I was soooo nervous about it.

Here we go!

I'm really excited

Look at my face expression. Hoho ^^

Special thanks to Ariff for having us over and teaching us such a valuable skills

In the name of Allah, I did it well. Pheww, Alhamdulillah.

Actually, slaughtering a chicken was easy but hard. Hehehe! The feeling of her blood spilling over my handswill never leave me. I doubt this will be the first and the last chicken that dies by my hand directly.

Done! ^^

Literally, I don’t enjoy killing chickens, and I’m certainly no expert. It’s not the kind of thing you pick up perfectly on the first try. The only way to get better is to keep practicing on it. It’s not fun, and it’s not pretty. It’s not romantic!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My First Umrah


This is my first time to go to Saudi Arabia. I went there with my lovely parents and a group of people in a tour. They're the famous author, Abdul Latip Talib and his family, and the another winner of the Islamic history competition.

Before depature at KLIA

Finally we're arrived at Jeddah Airport

Our first stop was in Masjid Nabawi, Medina. It looks very beautiful, grand and elegant. We headed to Madinah where we're stayed at a very comfortable behind of Masjid An-Nabawi. All the hotels are usually of walking distance to the mosque. It makes easier for everyone to perform solah at the mosque as much as possible as one can.

The moment I first laid my eyes on the Masjid An-Nabawi from a far, the architecture of the building blew me away! Subhanalllah! ^^

The beautiful view outside of the mosque

In the hotel with my mom

Day by day, we continued to perform solah, dzikr, and recite the Quran in the mosque. Oh, and one more thing, I found myself really easy to wake up very early to go to the mosque for Subuh prayers. It's amazing! Cause we had to be at the mosque one hour before athan to get to the front saff. It's definitely a practice for me. Hehe ^^

Thank you Allah, for making it easy for me ^^

The most emotional experience for me was when I was in Raudhah (Paradise Garden). When we almost reached Raudhah, the space became smaller. Ya Allah, it was so packed! I held my mom so tight. It's hard as people are pushing and pushing to reach to the front. Most of the time, me and mommy were crushed. When all of this happened, I was crying while thinking of all the past sins I've done :'( I really don't know how to describe what I felt. It's just too emotional.

After spending four days in Madinah, we proceeded with our journey to the Haram Land of Mecca. I'll never forget that feeling of the moment when I see the Kaaba. My tears suddenly dropped instant I entered the Masjid al-Haram. All I did from when I was little, and till now, an adult, somehow flashes very quickly making me tear up thinking of all the sins I've done. Astaghfirullaah.. T_T

I'm speechless

Masjid Quba'

In front of our hotel

 Ihram Intention (Niyyah) at Miqat in Bir Ali

This is what we called Saie'

Safa Mount

Marwah Mount

Days went by where my parents and tour's group continued to perform our Umrah, solaah and visits around Mecca. We went to Jabal Thur, Jabal Ar-Rahmah, and made some time to shop for some souveniers.

Jabal Rahmah

Camel Farm

Listening to an Imam, crying while reciting the Quran during Subuh prayers, in Masjid al-Haram, in front of the Kaaba, with millions of Makmums praying alongside me was too much for my tiny heart to handle. All I felt at that moment was that I don't wanna leave Mecca so baddddd!! T_T

I missed Makkah and Madinah very much. The trip was not a dull moment and it was memorable too. I hope that one day, I could visit these places again. Insyaallah! Thank you Allah for inviting me this year :')

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Music is My Passion


I love to sing. Singing in the bathroom is my habit since childhood. (My studio actually, hahaha!) I really adore with Siti Nurhaliza's voice. But now I would rather a heavy metal band such as Avenged Sevenfold, Escape The Fate, Eyes Set To Kill, Suicide Silence and etc. I don't know how can I love their song. But I should listen the songs first and understand their lyrics carefully. It is because songs nowadays have a lot of illumination element that can distorts our belief. Here are one of my cover's song titled Impossible. Enjoy!

Trip to Kenyir Lake, Terengganu


Finally, I'm updating my blog about my trip to Kenyir Lake, Terengganu which I went there exactly a month ago with my friends. This trip was certainly to strengthen our ties between us. Anyway, I have picked some photos that I like from my housemate. I don't have that much to say in this post, so I'll just write down the caption in each and every one of the photos below. 

Before going to Kenyir Lake. 7.30 am. Sleepy face, huh? We went there by Pok Mat's van. It was a two hour journey if I'm not mistaken

We arrived at our destination. Hi, Kenyir Lake! Here we're come. My Suksis's friend and me. We're very excited! Yippe! ^^

We're divided into two groups to take a boat

Our shoes! Guess which is mine? ^^

Subhanallah. The best moment! I saw the beautiful creation of Allah in the lake. Amazing!

BBQ time! Alif the Master Chef (in purple shirt). 

Fishing. I haven't got any fish. It's okay! Atleast I tried it out :3

We're got hungry! Had a mee-hoon and snacks for lunch

After having our meal, we decided to going to a nearby waterfall

The waterfall

The waterfall again. It was freezing cold! 

Although we're enjoyed out there, the prayer will remain the most priority. Faris leads the solah (imam) 

We was at the Herbal Garden. You could actually smell the fresh air of all around the garden

Azmeer and Alif wanted to bited 'Tongkat Ali' tree greedily! ^^

From left : Syila, me, Kak Dija and Huda. We're tried to drink 'Kacip Fatimah' tea. It's BITTER!

The impact of 'Tongkat Ali' tea. They looked energetic! Hahaha ^^

While here is the impact of 'Kacip Fatimah' tea. We're looked sooo sweet!

I like this shoot ^^

Back to the childhood

Chilling at the sight of Kenyir Lake. The last shot. Bye2 Kenyir Lake

So, that's about it. We're had a great day although it was so tiring. Despite all the fun, we also encountered numerous difficulties. Thank you Allah for giving us the strength and courage. Think of Allah and He'll always be there for you! Insyaallah ^^