Monday, 7 January 2013

My 3rd Semester Is Over!

This morning I was sitting for my final examination, for the last paper of 3rd semester. Alhamdulillah, it's over now! Overall it was good. Eh, not really. Suddenly I was thought about one of my 'killer subject', Nahu Maqal. I hope that I will pass the subject well. Please make dua for me, guys! Okayy, let it be. Though exam has been finished, I've a lot of works to recovering now. Hahaha! Here is a list I made up of 5 things I would like to do after exam :

1. Sleep : I usually come home from an exam and jump into bed to catch up on my lost sleep. The couple of days before my exam I find it difficult to get sleep because of the horrifying exam. But after my exam are finished, I need that period of rest to recover from the stressful exam period!

2. Read a book : I have yet to find a book to read this time round. I love reading fiction, especially Islamic History and divinity element. Anyone have any recommendations for me?

3. Catch up with Facebooking and Blogging : I try to restrict my social life as much as possible during exam period. So I don’t get distracted while I'm studying. Opps! Do you think so? Hahaha! This usually results in long lists of Facebook posts needing to be read which I end up replying to very late!

4. Pack/throw away notes : This is very satisfying for me! Hohoho. It is something that I almost see as a ritual after exam. Packing away notes and folders full of lecture notes somewhere in a dark cupboard is very satisfying indeed. And it is refreshing to wake up to an empty desk rather than one full of paper and notes. It feels like I want to sing a song from Najwa Latif 'Kosong', 'Kosong'. Lalalala~

5. Clean my room : Eh, hellooo! I’m normally a tidy person but during the exam period I don’t know what happens but I end up with clothes on the floor and papers/books scattered around my room. However, it's only when my exams finish that I see this mess and so I clean it up. During exams it's like I have grey goggles on and my eyes just skim over it all!

Do you do anything particularly interesting after finishing your exams? If so leave a comment and it may give me something new to do in all this free time I have now! ^^


  1. ui exam pn smpat amk gambar arh.. hahaha... aku cuti ni myb aku buat yg fes tu ja laaaa... pastu tengok tv.. lm dh weh x tgk tv...

    1. Along yg snap pic, hari first exam. Huhu. Betul weh! Tengok tv puas2, tengok movie puas2 ^^

    2. akak polisss.... xoxo... tdoq jgn x tdoq... penting! haha

    3. Tido dah memang confirm. Hobi kott. Hahaha