Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dreaming of you


Hey you..
You know what? I dreamed about you last night..
It was a surprised for me because as far as I became aware of it, I never had a dream with you in it.
It was weird because you are one of the people in my life that gave me a reason to dream.

You know, in that dream we were fighting as per usual but this was about something that I wrote.
You were saying how wrong I am and I was defending myself, obviously.
Then we stood there quietly, not wanting to look at each other.

And you took my hands.
Caressed it at first but then you crossed your fingers with mine.
And you weren't even looking, made me laughed with that egoistic attitude of yours.
But I'm glad.

This shows how much our friendship matters to you.
This shows that you have your own way of saying sorry.
This shows that maybe, just maybe.. that dream is a sign of something.

It feels real, ya know?
That warmth. That softness. That feeling.
I want us to be friends.
I want us to laugh at that silliness play and share stories again
And I want us to argue, if that is a price to pay

p/s : Sometimes I can be a bit sentimental. Whateverr. Haha! Ada aku kisah?

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